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All Forms


1-800 Customer Follow Up

Availability Change Request

Availability Wage Amplifier Form

BSV Technology Summary

Cash Audit

Cash Policy Agreement

Change to Calendar Request

Coffee Health Check

Credit Card Agreement

Crew Skill Level Update Form

Crew Trainer Service Verification

Crew Trainer Production Verification

COVID-19 Intake Form

Customer Injury & Property Damage Report 

Direct Deposit Form

Diamond Dinners Report

DM Handbook Agreement Form

DM Handbook

Drive-Thru Health Check

Drive Thru- Operations Checklist

Employee Feedback

Employee Injury Report

Employee Master - Change of Personal Info

Employee Payroll Variance Form

Equipment Agreement

External Verification

Food Safety Agreement & Verification

Food Safety Manager Class/ Exam Registration

Food Safety- Manager Resources

Food Safety- Manager Resources (Spanish)

FRED Food Safety

FRED Food Safety (Spanish)

Footage Request Form

General Manager Point Survey

General Manager Survey

General Questions 

GM Transition​ Checklist 

GM Vacation Checklist

GM Handbook Agreement Form

GM Handbook

GM Payroll Variance (PTO)

GM Sabbatical/PTO Payout Form

Graded Technology Walkthrough

Guest Service Department External Verification

Guest Service Department Manager Verification

Guest Service Department Point Survey

Happy Meal Audit

Harassment and Discrimination Training

Hiring Questions

Illinois Work Permit Letter

Insurance Coverage Inquiry

Internal Manager Verification

Interview Questions and Wage Offer

Kitchen Department Manager Verification

Kitchen Department Point Survey

Kitchen Health Check

Leave of Absence Request

Manager Interview Questions

Maintenance Request/Issues 

Maintenance Member Performance Review

Manager Mass Performance Reviews

Manager Performance Review

Manager Skill Level Update Form

McHire Access Request

McTeacher's Night Payment

Meet the Team

Missing Hours Report

Missing Truck Items

Monthly KD Point Survey

Monthly PD Point Survey

Monthly GSD Point Survey

Office Supply Requests

OSHA Training Video

Orientation Feedback Questionnaire

Payroll Variance Form

Practice External Verification

Perfect CEV Score

People Department External Verification

People Department Manager Verification

People Department Point Survey

Position Change Request

Post Interview Recap ​(Please use Interview Questions form)

PTO Request

Raise Request - Merit

Raise Request - Training

Readerboard Request Form

Rehire Request

Restaurant Feedback

RTI Access Request

Small-Wares Order Form

Store Level Guest Recovery Survey

Supervisor Weekly Checklist

Team Member Performance Review

Technology Request/Issues Report

Temporary School Hour Exception

Time Off Request

Training and Class Policies Agreement

Travel Reimbursement Request

Transfer Request

Tech Walk-Thru

Uniform Request

Weekly PD Survey

Weekly GSD Survey

Weekly KD Survey

Weekly McDelivery Health Check

Winter Readiness Checklist

Wisconsin Work Permit Letter

Workshop Request Form

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