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Archways to Opportunity

At Iron Arch McDonald’s, we believe that education is a true game-changer. We’re proud to provide

employees with tools and world-class training that help them succeed. Archways to Opportunity is not

a one-size-fits--all solution, but an overarching education strategy that meets people where they are.

Archways to Opportunity is a benefit for all of our employees after they have been employed for 90

days. Employees must work a minimum of 15 hours per week to qualify for Archways to Opportunity


The Archways program offers:

  • English language program to help our employees and their immediate family learn to speak English.

  • High School Diploma Program for our employees and any immediate family member who would like to achieve this milestone. All graduates also receive a career focus certification in one of many areas of concentration.

  • College Degree Program helps our employees achieve their college dreams whether it be an Associates, Bachelor’s, or master’s degree by offering $2,500 per year to help with college expenses ($3,500 for Swing, Department and General Managers).

  • The Archway’s Mentoring program works like a college counselor but with a much broader base of knowledge to help you find the program that best fits your needs, whether it be an on-line program or a traditional program.

Visit or for specific questions contact the office at

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