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Free and Discounted Meals!

One of the best things about working at McDonald’s is the food. When you work a scheduled shift, you are eligible to receive one meal for yourself at the employee half-price discount! This must be eaten in the break room before or after your scheduled shift or during your break. Off-duty employees may purchase food at their restaurant at a 30% discount any time they are not working.

Food must be rung on the customer side. Drinks, Shakes and O.J. are considered food items. As soon as you are directed to go on break, you must immediately punch out and then stand on the customer side for your food.

All employees can participate in the National Employee discount program. McDonald’s employees can purchase food at participating McDonald’s restaurants nation-wide at a 30% discount. Employees must download the McDonald’s app and sign in using the same email you use for McDonald’s employment. The National Employee 30% Discount coupon will appear in the McDonald’s app under “deals”.

  • Non-Product Items are not included (i.e., plates, happy meal toys) in the 30% or 50% discount.

  • Please allow customers to be served first while you are off the clock

Your restaurant can be eligible for free food every month! LIKE RIGHT NOW!

  • Like personal grocery shopping, we have a budget

  • If we are under that budget (3.5%* “Food over base”) *percentage subject to change

  • You can get a free meal for your scheduled shift from the 3rd of the month through the 2nd the following month.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • All employees from crew to managers get one free meal per shift up to $12.00 in value.

  • This meal can be taken home or eaten at the Restaurant.

  • If working more than 8 hours, employee can take two free meals during their shift.

  • All free meals must be rung up through the register and are not to be made by the employee receiving the free meal.

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