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The Loop 6.20.23

Operations: Enhance the guest experience during breakfast by August 1st as measured by speed at 120 and Voice at 85%.

Technology: Have a 90% roster of OTP1+ certified in restaurant OTPs by June 15th.

Fix It: Have 90% trained in restaurant fix it team by July 1st.

Public Relations: Committees have been formed and are being finalized with Ops supervisor. This will be announced at the GM Meeting.

Operations Coordinator: VOT Version 1 to be ready for implantation for website by July 11th.

Training: Create an interactive Shift Leadership Roadmap by June 15th.

Office Manager: Streamline all AMEX policies/procedures by July 2023.

Human Resources: All HR playbooks to be updated and distilled into HR Master Policy Book by August 15th.

Digital Experience

Have your new team members been verified using the Digital Verification? If not, now is a great time to get them up to speed.

Digital Verification Form (it’s under the GM Tab)

Digital Stats – Month to Date

Digital usage 17.51% of transactions


June 22nd – RMHC Dinner – Office Staff

June 23rd – Best Burger Execution Shops GWOS Begin

June 25th – Release Payroll Wisconsin Only

June 26th – Illinois Payday

Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

June 20th – Start Elemental HM

June 28th – Iron Arch All Selling Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno QPC

**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**

MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others

3rd Quarter Sanitation Exams

The 3rd quarter sanitation exams have been set. New on the registration form, you can pick which location, which language, and which month you would like to attend class. Classes are limited in size, please do not wait to sign up. Food Safety Exam Registration

Energy Box

Please download the simply check app from your app store! This will allow you to receive push notifications regarding critical equipment! Please use your store mail to login. If you have any issues please email

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

Coffee Syrups Changing Colors

Please be aware that vanilla, sugar free vanilla & hazelnut syrups will be changing slightly in color (not the labels). Please ensure that all the old syrups are used first. There is a one-pager in your June Nabit Kit.

Back to Basics Shake & Sundae Machine

Here are some helpful links for your shake & sundae machines. Please see the attached on how to remedy a heat treat lockout.

Taylor Manuals, Training Videos, Cleaning Instructions & More

@mcd Page on Shake & Sundae Machines with lots of information

Simplified Breakfast

Please email if your restaurant needs the egg scrambler pictured below.

Unassisted Front Counter Pick Up

Do you have an unassisted front counter pick up shelving unit in your lobby? Before being placed on the shelving unit, bags should be double folded, one delivery sticker sealing the bag, and the receipt with the guests’ name facing out so it is easily seen.

Iron Arch In-Person Leadership Transitions

We need learners for the next in-person LT class on July 19th 9a-6p and July 20th 9a-5p. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to achieve more in an in-person learning environment. Email to register a learner.

Staffing Levels 6.19.2023

Please see the attached staffing levels for June 19th. If you have any questions, ask your supervisor.

MOCNI Promotions
Download PDF • 78KB
ILIA Promotions
Download PDF • 73KB
GWOS Promotions
Download PDF • 67KB
Tip 10 - Heat Treat Lockout
Download PDF • 635KB
Rockford Patch 06.19.23
Download PDF • 100KB
Monroe Patch 06.19.23
Download PDF • 96KB
Huntley Patch 06.19.23
Download PDF • 100KB
Beloit Patch 06.19.23
Download PDF • 98KB
Belvidere Patch 06.19.23
Download PDF • 99KB
The Loop 6.20.23 - Spanish
Download PDF • 319KB

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