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The Loop 7.18.23


Congratulations to our four Outstanding Manager Award recipients and their teams.

Ermundo Albarran @ Carpentersville

Kim Mailand @ Jefferson

Oscar Hernandez @ Woodstock

Tonya Rykowski @ Court St



Operations: Enhance the guest experience during breakfast by July 31st as measured by speed at 120 and Voice at 85%.

Technology: Certify 70% of restaurant OTPs to OTP2+ by October 1st.

Fix It: Have in-house Fixit team certified on all equipment 100% by September 30th.

Public Relations: Ownership of community events back to restaurant leadership by July 31st.

Operations Coordinator: Virtual Orientation Training-Version 1 to be live on website by July 11th.

Training: Create an interactive Crew Trainer Roadmap & Verification Process by September 30th.

Office Manager: Perform a Telephone Audit to lower costs by August-October.

Human Resources: Complete HR Master Policy Procedure Handbook by August 15th.

Digital Experience

Still having procedural issues with front counter MOP transactions? Please utilize this short Front Counter training video to help.


Digital Stats – Month to Date

Digital usage 26.79% of transactions



July 18th – GM Webcast 2-230p

July 21st – Happy Birthday Traci Larson!

July 23rd – Release Payroll – Wisconsin

July 24th – Illinois Payday!



Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

July 17th – Last Day Elemental Happy Meal

July 18th – The Marvels Happy Meal Starts


**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**


MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others


RMHC Pop Tabs

Please remind our teams that guests may drop pop at any of our McDonald's restaurants! They can be returned to the office with the bags and once a month we transport them to the RMHC.


Energy Box Override

We've been noticing a lot of use on the override switch for the lighting on EnergyBox. This override switch does not control anything with the thermostats. This switch is for emergencies or use when light is needed outside of the schedule. If you need your light schedule adjusted, please email and we can update your lighting. Please do not use the override switch unless it is necessary.


All GM Meeting

Need to see something from the GM meeting presentation? The slideshow is attached.


School Calendar Update 2023/2024

An email has been sent out to all restaurants for employees to update their school location for the next school year. Please print the sheet out and have all the students fill out their correct school location. This is very important to make sure they are connected to the correct school for scheduling purposes. Please email a picture of the sheet to Tiffany by Tuesday, August 1, 2023.


New Hire Email Form

A new digital training schedule is now available for new hires. The form is called the New Hire Email. The new hire email is a training schedule for all new hires once Maria has sent you an email that the new hire is ready for a training schedule. This form is located under the People & General Manager tab. We will start using this to send all new hires their training schedule. It is very simple and easy to fill out. All the manager needs to do is put in your restaurant location, the new hires name and email address, the general manager's name, and the training schedule, and who they will meet with on their first day. Once the form is submitted a copy of it will be sent to the new hire, the general manager, and the restaurant email to be printed and posted for all managers to review. Please still reach out to new hires by phone call too with their training schedule. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Maria Z. New Hire Email

Bakery Phase Out

Remember that the phase out of the bakery has begun. The last day for the bakery will be August 21st. We will be keeping the cases and utilizing them for cookies and pies.


Staffing Levels 7.17.2023

Please see the attached staffing levels for July 17th. If you have any questions, ask your supervisor.

MOCNI Promotions
Download DOCX • 21KB
GWOS Promotions
Download DOCX • 19KB
ILIA Promotions
Download DOCX • 24KB
Wisconsin Minor Labor Laws
Download PDF • 82KB
Iron Arch Management 14 & 15 year old labor laws
Download PDF • 152KB
IL Minor Labor Laws- Illinois
Download PDF • 121KB
All GM Staff Meeting
Download PDF • 7.18MB
2023-2024 School Calendar Update
Download PDF • 94KB
2023 Staffing Level Madison Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Rockford Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Monroe Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 117KB
2023 Staffing Level Huntley Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Beloit Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Belvidere Patch 07.17.23
Download PDF • 120KB
En Espanol The Loop 7.18.23
Download DOCX • 1.64MB

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