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The Loop 7.5.23

Thank You to our internal fixit teams for helping the arches shine. We appreciate everyone coming together to support our bigger organization projects.


Operations: Enhance the guest experience during breakfast by July 31st as measured by speed at 120 and Voice at 85%.

Technology: Certify 70% of restaurant OTPs to OTP2+ by October 1st.

Fix It: Have in-house Fixit team certified on all equipment 100% by September 30th.

Public Relations: Ownership of community events back to restaurant leadership by July 31st.

Operations Coordinator: Virtual Orientation Training-Version 1 to be live on the website by July 11th.

Training: Create an interactive Shift Leadership Roadmap by June 30th.

Office Manager: Perform a Telephone Audit to lower costs by August-October.

Human Resources: Complete HR Master Policy Procedure Handbook by August 15th.

Digital Experience

Need a quick front counter training video for front counter mobile pick ups? This two-minute Front Counter video shows the correct procedures for both assisted and unassisted front counter pick up. Please take the time to review it and show it to your teams.


Digital Stats – June 2023

Digital usage 25.94% of transactions



July 5th – Happy 5th McD Anniversary to Danelle Duncan!

July 7th – Release Payroll – Wisconsin Only

July 10th – Illinois Pay Day!

July 11th – All GM/Staff Meeting


Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

July 10th – Phase Out Grimace Birthday Meal Begins (Ends 7/24)

July 13th – National Fry Day – Free Any Size Fry on app

July 14th – Nation Kit Arrives (install bakery exit POP upon depletion of bakery)


**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**


MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others


All GM/Staff Meeting

Don’t forget the all GM/Staff meeting on July 11th from 9am-4pm at the Beloit Classic Cinemas. The cinema is located at 2799 Cranston Rd, Beloit WI 53511. Please be on time and try to carpool if possible.

Rooftop Filters

We have started a new auto ship program for our air filters! Each restaurant will receive their specific sized HVAC filters every 2 months. They will be addressed to the Restaurant team for someone to self-install. They will come from filterbuy. Replacing these air filters routinely will help reduce the stress on our Roof Top Units (RTUs) and help keep them running efficiently. If you have any questions, please let your fixit team know.

National Fry Day

To celebrate National Fry Day on July 13th, our digital guests will be able to get a free fry. This offer is available for any sized fry, one deal per person and it is only available on the app. Please ensure that your restaurant is ready to serve Gold Standard Fries during this promotion.

GM Webcast

Please put in your calendars the GM Webcast on July 18th from 2-230. This webcast will be on WebEx and the log on information is on the Iron Arch calendar.

Egg Scramblers

Egg scramblers will be required equipment for Simplified Breakfast, which is coming in the 4th quarter. Please email “yes” if you have one or “no” if you need an egg scrambler.

Sanitation Class

There is one remaining seat in the August sanitation class in Madison. The class is on August 21st from 8a-2p and is in English. Rockford is full. Both Madison and Rockford will be holding a Spanish sanitation exam in September. Please check your roster for anyone who could benefit from this exam in Spanish (or anyone expiring soon). Food Safety Exam Registration.


Bakery Cases

Please leave the bakery cases in place even after the depletion of the remaining bakery items. We will continue selling cookies out of the case as well as displaying the pies.


Injury Reports

We did NOT have a customer incident report nor an employee injury report for the week of  June 25th - June 30th     Way to go Team on keeping our customers and employee's injury free!


Staffing Levels 7.3.2023

Please see the attached staffing levels for July 3rd. If you have any questions, ask your supervisor.

2023 Staffing Level Monroe Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 114KB
2023 Staffing Level Huntley Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Beloit Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Rockford Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing LevelMadison Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Belvidere Patch 07.03.23
Download PDF • 120KB
GWOS Promotions
Download DOCX • 20KB
ILIA Promotions
Download DOCX • 22KB
MOCNI Promotions
Download DOCX • 24KB
En Espanol The Loop 7.5.23
Download DOCX • 1.15MB

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