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The Loop 8.8.23

Operations: Improve the Guest Experience during Lunch between 11am-2pm by improving OEPE to 120 or less

Fix It: Have in-house Fixit team certified on all equipment 100% by September 30th.

Human Resources: Complete HR Master Policy Procedure Handbook by August 15th.

Office Manager: Perform a Telephone Audit to lower costs by August-October.

Operations Coordinator: Assist FixIt/Tech teams to revamp our ticketing system processes by September 30th. 

Public Relations: Ownership of community events back to restaurant leadership by July 31st.

Technology: Certify 70% of restaurant OTPs to OTP2+ by November 1st.

Training: Create an interactive Crew Trainer Roadmap & Verification Process by October 24th.  

Digital Experience

Have some new team members? Here is the ROA Drive Thru training video.

Digital Stats – Month to Date

Digital transactions 26.88%



Action Items:

August 29th – Deadline for single nozzle sauce guns

August 29th – Deadline for Prince Castle steamer setting changes.



August 8th – District Meetings 130p-430p

August 9th – Happy Birthday Alyssa Reeverts!

August 11th – Happy McD Anniversary Deb Benson!

August 12th – Happy Birthday Dori Flynn!

August 12th – Happy 12th McD Anniversary Ana Gomez!

August 13th – Release Payroll – Illinois

August 14th – Payday Wisconsin!

August 15th - Rockton Rd. Blood Drive 9:30 am-2:30 pm


Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

August 9th – Iron Arch All Selling Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry

August 14th – Last Day The Marvels HM

August 14th – Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon QPC Phase Out Begins (Ends 8/27)

August 14th – Last Day The Marvels HM

August 14th – Famous Orders Begin

August 15th – Start Nerf HM


**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**


MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others


NABIT Webcast Recording

Did you miss last week’s webcast? Please take an hour and watch the recording to learn about changes and what is coming up.

English Recording

Spanish Recording

Forms Update!

We have been working hard on updating the website and forms to reflect the update from Patches to Districts. Along with this, we have been switching the service that hosts all the forms. Soon you will see some of the forms have a new look and work a little differently! We are also seeing that form submissions are more reliable when making it to their intended recipients and getting stuck less at the Thank You Page.

But we didn't think of everything and may have made some mistakes. If you see any reference to a Patch where you think it should say District after Thursday 8/10, or any other errors you may find, please let us know on the troubleshooting app under Technology. There is an option for Form/Website Update!

Sauce Gun Single Nozzle

We will be switching out to a single nozzle for the sauce guns. These green nozzles and clear caps were included in the August NABIT kit. Please start these no later than August 29th. The blue nozzles can be thrown away. Each restaurant will be receiving automatic quarterly shipments of replacement nozzles. Please replace any old station guides with those in the kit.


Food Safety Best Bet

If you are not already doing this during food safety, please work with your teams and begin ASAP. During food safety, place the towel that is being used to sanitize the probe in a small hot cup. This allows us to use a towel for a purpose without it sitting out potentially causing a visit issue.

August Famous Meal

We will be starting our next famous meal on August 14th. While the celebrity has not been named, we do know the meal contents. The meal contains a medium fry, medium drink, a sweet & sour cup, and the guests’ choice of a Big Mac, 10pc Nugget or QPC. If the guest does not want sweet & sour, the regular meal keys need to be used. The sweet and sour cup is in special packaging that gives our guests an opportunity to download special offers and merchandise.


August Sanitation Exam – Madison

There are two remaining seats in the English sanitation exam on August 21st in Madison. The next English class will be in October. If you have someone, please complete the Food Safety Exam Registration.


Sky Carp tickets are still available for the rest of the season!

Only three weeks of home games left. Request your tickets now!

Bun Steamer Setting Changes

If you have a Prince Castle model 625MFY or 625MFYC steamer the steam time needs to be changed from 12 seconds (6 cycles) to 8 seconds (2 cycles). Please see the attached information sheet. Please complete the changes by August 29th.


Workers Comp, Customer Injury & Property Damage

Do your managers know what forms to complete if there is an employee or guest, or property damage? The forms are under the manager tab.

Guest Injury or Property Damage

Employee Injury

If you have trouble filling out this form and have questions, please contact Gianna at the office 815-321-4708 for assistance.


Burritos Back-to-Basics

Please post the burrito one pager that was in the Nabit kit that arrived at restaurants the week of August 1st. Please post this near the location that the burritos are rolled.

Rockford 815 Day Special!

Rockford Restaurants Only

On Tue, Aug 15th, for one day only...

20 pc Nuggets and 2 Large fries for $8.15!


Staffing Levels 8.8.2023

Please see the attached District staffing levels as of 8.8.23.

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