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The Loop 2.28.23

Daily Sales Record

Congratulations to Pedro and his team at Odana for their amazing sales day on February 24th. They had $21,879.59 in sales. GREAT JOB!


It was another busy week in our communities. Rich’s chili won best chili and a competition and Sam and her team at Mulford hosted a successful McTeacher Night.

Shout Out

Congratulations to Raziel at Woodstock for this awesome guest shout out on Facebook!

Digital Experience

Ready on Arrival is here! Congratulations to Chrysler Dr., Mulford & Milwaukee Rd on their great ROA execution shops last week. The ROA simulator is still available on Fred or this link.

Digital Stats – February Month To Date

Digital usage 25.94% of transactions

Digital OSAT – 65%


February 28th – GM Patch Calls 130p-230p

March 1st – All GM/Staff meeting 9a-4p 557 E Grand Ave, Beloit, WI 53511

March 1st – Happy 29th McD Anniversary Chrissy Bogadrus

March 1st – Happy 16th McD Anniversary Oscar Hernandez

March 2nd – Happy Birthday Kate Eisenreich

March 5th – Release Payroll Wisconsin Only


Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

March 8th – Bacon Ranch McCrispy Iron Arch Start Selling

**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**

MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others

Bacon Ranch McCrispy

The new Bacon Ranch McCrispy starts on March 8th. All training materials were sent in the Nabit box. This includes the red FIFO bottles for the ranch. The sandwich will be into the new Flavors of Love pouch or box. These paper goods will be used for all limited time offer sandwiches going forward so please keep remaining stock when the promotion is over. Need more information? This link will take you to the Nabit page. The manager at a glance is attached.

Breakfast OEPE

This past week we finished with our Breakfast OEPE for the peak at 107 seconds. Phenomenal job as an organization finishing 35 seconds faster than last year. The following locations did not finish under 120 and have some work to do to catch up: 2504, 4231, 13650 19354, 22424, 23691, 34623 and 38131. With that being said, we also lowered our total Breakfast OEPE for the month to 130! This is 25 seconds faster than where we were at in the middle of February. We are so proud of the tremendous focus we have placed on meeting and ultimately crushing our goals together. As we make Breakfast OEPE a fabric of who we are it will become easier and easier to consistently hit these numbers. Labor is not an excuse to not hit numbers and in fact the faster we are the better our labor is. See this example:

Labor for Breakfast 7-9 last week was a 23.07% while hitting 107 OEPE

Labor for Breakfast 7-9 two weeks ago was a 23.66% while hitting 151 OEPE


Have you run out of slots on the UHC screen. Please see the attached instructions to add more slots to the monitor.


Our VOICE results have been dipping the last couple of months. This is a trend that we must reverse quickly. As we improved our overall operations, we have seen a decline in our customer facing metrics. Let's put the energy and focus back into our guests. What are they telling us and how can we be better? Accuracy and Cleanliness are the organizations two biggest customer facing opportunities. Let's continue to look to put the right food in the bag with better managed shifts. We would recommend using some FRED training such as order accuracy videos to subsidize your teams training.

Fish Fridays

Lent is upon us. While we do not have any fish specials, we need to ensure that we are ready for a higher product movement for fish, especially on Fridays. Here are some things to check for the Lenten season. Vats are programmed, enough UHC Slots, baskets in good shape, have enough trays and wire racks, Double Filet-o-Fish on all kiosks, and eProduction settings correct?

National Equipment Standards Survey

McDonald’s is changing their restaurant and equipment standards in 2024 for CO2 Detector systems and adding the need for automatic/no touch paper towel dispensers and faucets. Please complete the CO2 & Sink Survey by March 14th.

New Apparel Store Is Live

Iron Arch Apparel Store (click this live link)

We have many new updates:

- You can order anytime you like.

- Orders can now be shipped to your house or an in-store pick-up option.

- New apparel items

- Women's or Men's sizes

- You have the choice of an Iron Arch or Bucciferro Family McDonald’s Logo

Please let us know if we missed anything, We hope you enjoy it!

Last Call - In-Person Leadership Transitions

Last call for the March 29th – 31st in-person leadership transitions. This 3-day course will be held at the office and be combined with some operational instruction at a restaurant. All students must have all 16 modules completed prior to the class. Please email by March 7th if you have any students.

Boil Outs

Don’t forget it is time again for boil outs. Please see the attached schedule for your date and directions.

$6 McNuggets – GWOS & #32257 ONLY

Please be prepared to sell more nuggets. $6 nuggets start March 6th and end March 26th (#32257) and April 2nd (GWOS). Ensure that you are ready with baskets, trays, sauces, boxes and increase your trays on eProdution if needed.

Staffing Levels – 2.28.2023

Please see the attached staffing levels as of February 28th. If you have questions, please ask your Operations Supervisor.

GWOS Promotions
Download DOCX • 14KB
MOCNI Promotions
Download DOCX • 16KB
ILIA Promotions
Download DOCX • 15KB
Boil Out Schedule
Download DOCX • 15KB
Bacon Ranch McCrispy Chicken AAG for Manager_English
Download PDF • 6.66MB
eProduction Extra Items UHC Screen
Download DOCX • 499KB
2023 Staffing Level Monroe Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 117KB
2023 Staffing Level Rockford Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Belvidere Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 120KB
2023 Staffing Level Huntley Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Beloit Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Madison Patch 02.28.23
Download PDF • 121KB
En Espanol 2.28.23
Download DOCX • 1.85MB

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