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The Loop 3.21.23

Sales Record

Congratulations to Pedro and the Odana team for once again hitting a new sales record. On the 17th they did $24,381.25 in sales!

Guest Shout Out

Here is a guest shout out to Heather and her University team. Great Job!

“I wanted to pass along my appreciation for your amazing staff at the University Avenue /Madison address. I stopped there on Saturday night after spending my third full day at a nearby hospital following my husband’s surgery for a broken back. I pulled into your drive through and ordered! Drove to the window and could NOT locate my wallet anywhere in my purse/front seat!! I was in a panic and really needed that amazing Diet Coke! When she opened the window I asked that she cancel the order and explained my situation!! Without skipping a beat she responded with a “ is all prepared and we want you to enjoy it”!! After the last long days that was just the boost I needed!! When I got home I located the wallet!! Thankfully!! The next day I drove through again and was happy to see her again!! I offered to pay her again..and she said it is totally fine and they were happy to help My day!! If Kiara (not sure of spelling) is any indication how you train all your people. BRAVO!!! She needs some recognition for her kindness and it is something that I will always take with me!! THANK YOU!!!”

Digital Experience – Best Bet

Please utilize the training videos to help your teams with ROA issues. All videos are on @mcd on the Ready on Arrival NABIT page.

Curbside & Table Service

Drive Thru

Front Counter

Digital Stats – March Month To Date

Digital Usage - 24.99% of transactions


March 21st – Happy Birthday Michael Peschel!

March 21st – GM Patch Calls 130p-230p

Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

March 20th – Shamrock Phase Out Begins (Ends 4/2)

**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**

MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others

Action Items from Weekly Emails


March 21st – eProduction Baseline Survey

March 21st – Auto Greeters Updated

Is your restaurant still on the bottom performer list? What can you do to shave off a few seconds or increase your score by a percent? Are any of your fellow patch GMs on top and you can reach out?

WOW, in 3 days, we sold 15,000 PIES as an organization!!

Breakfast Voice

We are off to an extremely solid start with our new goal. We received 16 responses yesterday and are at 100%!! We started just a few days ago with 1 or 2 responses as an entire team. We are making progress. For some it may feel slow going but we are making progress. We are down to 10 restaurants that do not have responses.

What will help us get there? There are a few tactics that we have asked of the team. Hang up the flyer, drive the VOICE incentive. I am strongly encouraging all of us to look at our hospitality cues and if our team at the points of contact are delivering on those. Points of contact would be at the order point, cashier booth and present booth. Identity those handful of people who typically work 7-9 Sunday through Saturday and let's have the right conversations. With that being said, we must also get the receipts into the hands of our guests. They are to be given out every time. We are fast sitting at 100 seconds Peak Breakfast OEPE for the month as an organization. Only 32257 and 5612 were above 120 this past week with both ending in the 120s. Now we must add the cherry on top with hospitality. Let's continue to put the effort in everyday until we build the next foundation of success with VOICE. The train is starting to leave the station. Make sure to get yourself and the team on board before it does. Let's do this together! We currently have 35667 leading the way with 20 responses at 95%. Nicely done!

New Things on The Way

The new Iron Arch training center is under way. Very exciting and stay tuned for updates.

Listening Survey

Keep working on the surveys. Feedback from the team is very important and the more responses we receive the better. Please utilize the QR Code below or on the flyers in your restaurants.


The Ops PACE team has compiled the following top areas of focus based on year-to-date 2023 brand protection visits and Operations Excellence Assessments:

Food Safety (EcoSure and Health Department Inspections):

· Restaurant cleanliness (floors, equipment, and walls), good hygiene practices (disposable gloves and other personal hygiene procedures), and food packaging procedures

Health & Safety:

· Exterior walking surfaces in good repair and electrical outlets, connectors, and cords in good repair

Operations Excellence Assessment:

· Speed of service across the drive-thru (OEPE), curbside and in-restaurant (R2P + fulfillment) omni channels

· Elevating the digital customer experience (executing as designed) through a focus on a digital crew prompt (e.g., “Hi! Will you be using your McDonald’s App today?”) and using the guest’s name at key interaction points across all omni channels.

· Strengthening production management through UHC product holding times and holding levels sufficient per posted product level charts, and products within secondary shelf lives.

Shamrock Even Phase Out

And just like that, the Shamrock is on the way out. The phase out is March 20th – April 2nd. Please work within your market to deplete your shamrock syrups by April 2nd. We will be starting a new flurry LTO in April and to avoid service barriers, need to be out of Shamrock.

Sabbatical and PTO Pay Out

This is your last chance to submit for sabbatical and PTO pay out for the quarter.

Boil Outs

Don’t forget it is time again for boil outs. Please see the attached schedule for your date and directions.

MOCNI Promotions
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MOCNI Promotions
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ILIA Promotions
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Boil Out Schedule
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En Espanol 3.21.23
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