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The Loop 4.18.23


Operations: 85% OSAT from 7am – 9am with 3 surveys/restaurant completed a day by May 31st.

Technology: Have a 90% roster of OTP1+ certified in restaurant OTPs by June 1st.

Fix It: Have 90% trained in restaurant fix it team by July 1st.

Public Relations: Ownership of community events back to restaurant leadership by July 1st.

Operations Coordinator: Virtual orientation version 1 ready for implementation for website by May 1st.

Training: Create an interactive Shift Leadership Roadmap by June 1st.

Office Manager: Streamline all AMEX policies/procedures by July 2023.

Human Resources: Office staff 100% trained on employee relations by May 31st.


Digital Experience

Restaurants will be receiving a ROA/MOP troubleshooting guide later this week. Please utilize this guide to help your guests with any ordering issues they may have. Restaurants will receive two, one for DT and one for front.

Digital Stats – Month to Date

Digital usage 25.37% of transactions



April 18th – Best Burger Taste & Train @ Odana (Beloit, Belvidere & Rockford 1pm/Madison & Monroe 3pm)

April 19th – NABIT ROA Webcast 3p-4p (Register Here)

April 22nd – Happy Birthday Isabel Simon, Tonya Rykowski & Miguel Palomares!

April 23rd – Release Payroll – Illinois Only




Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

April 17th – Bacon Ranch McCrispy Phase Out Begins (ends 4/30)

April 24th – Last Day Masked Singer HM

April 25th – Start Guardians of the Galaxy HM


**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**


MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS – All Others

Action Items This Week:

April 18th – Water Heater Survey

April 25th – GM Community Interest Survey

Operations WIG Update – From the desks of the Operations Managers

As you may have seen WIG readiness & execution shops have been taking place throughout the organization. Week 5 starts next week and Nick & Mike will begin conducting execution shops. Restaurants that have less than 10 responses will be targeted first and then other lower performers. Reminder, if we execute at a high level and ask every customer from 7-9 it increases our chances of improving with more detailed tactics. 


How is Iron Arch doing so far?

Week 1 = 74.5% (0.76 surveys per restaurant per day)

Week 2 = 77.1% (0.87 surveys per rest/day)


Let's continue to stay laser focused on our WIG.  85% VOICE 7-9 with getting 3 surveys per day.  Execution = Results. 


Water Heater Survey

Don’t forget to complete this quick survey about your water heater by April 18th.


Henny Penny Fryers

For those of you with Henny Penny fryers, your McCrispy settings may be incorrect. To ensure that food safety is 100%, please see the attached directions to check and change the McCrispy settings if needed. Please ask your Operations Supervisor if you have questions.


AMEX Expectations

Please see the attached document that contains the expectations for AMEX cardholders. All receipts must have the restaurant number that the purchase was for. Please ensure that the photo you submit is clear. Beginning now, please keep your paper receipts or photos for 60 days to ensure that we are ready if a receipt does not show up after the upload. Remember, all AMEX receipts are due by the 15th of the month.


Mac Sauce Cup Event

Our digital guests will have the opportunity to add Big Mac sauce in cups to their orders. Beginning on April 27th, digital guests can add up to 5 sauce cups to their orders. These cases will be arriving the week of April 17th, DO NOT OPEN until April 25th. Again, we DO NOT SELL until April 27th. Please see the NABIT website or your April NABIT training kit for additional information.


Bingo has begun, have you checked off a square? Get the word out to your teams, build excitement, and get a BINGO!!


Tempering Cheese

By now, your restaurant should be utilizing the small pans for tempering cheese. Each pan holds 4 stacks of 20 cheese slices so 1 sleeve fits in 2 small pans. The yellow and green tempering stickers should also be in use. If you need help with placing these, please ask your Operations Supervisor. Additional information is available on the NABIT website or in your April NABIT training kit.


General Manager Community Event Interest

As our footprint has expanded and our communities become more involved, we need help for our events. Please complete the General Manager Community Interest survey by April 25th. Our goal in this survey is to get honest feedback on your thoughts and interest in participating/hosting community events in and outside of the restaurant. Several of you have expressed interest in participating more; we want to make that happen!


Food Safety Webcast

Did you have a chance to attend the Food Safety webcast last week? It was full of useful information. Please see the attached documents about EcoSure visits and a food safety travel path. If you have any questions, please ask your Operations Supervisor.



Staffing Levels 4.17.2023

Hiring season is upon us. It’s time to prepare for summer. Please see the attached staffing levels for April 17th. If you have any questions, please ask your Operations Supervisor.

American Express expectations
Download DOCX • 96KB
Henny Penny LOV Fryers - McCrispy USA
Download PDF • 249KB
Download DOCX • 18KB
GWOS ILIA Food Safety Call
Download PDF • 940KB
GWOS Promotions
Download DOCX • 20KB
MOCNI Promotions
Download DOCX • 24KB
ILIA Promotions
Download DOCX • 21KB
2023 Staffing Level Rockford Patch 04.17.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Madison Patch 04.17.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Monroe Patch 04.18.23
Download PDF • 115KB
2023 Staffing Level Belvidere Patch 04.17.23
Download PDF • 120KB
2023 Staffing Level Huntley Patch 04.17.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Beloit Patch 04.17.23
Download PDF • 121KB
En Espanol The Loop 4.18.23
Download DOCX • 442KB

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