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The Loop 6.06.23

Congratulations to Brianna and her team at Monroe who are now operating 24 hours a day, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays.


Operations: Enhance the guest experience during breakfast by June 30th as measured by speed at 120 and Voice at 85%.

Technology: Have a 90% roster of OTP1+ certified in restaurant OTPs by June 15th.

Fix It: Have 90% trained in restaurant fix it team by July 1st.

Public Relations: Ownership of community events back to restaurant leadership by July 1st.

Operations Coordinator: Virtual orientation version 1 ready for implementation for website by May 31st. Draft is completed!

Training: Create an interactive Shift Leadership Roadmap by June 15th.

Office Manager: Streamline all AMEX policies/procedures by July 2023.

Human Resources: Office staff 100% trained in employee relations by June 2nd.

Digital Experience

Guests having difficulty getting their deals to work? The first thing we should ask them to do is disconnect from the McDonald’s Free WiFi. If they are on the WiFi, they have to have already agreed to terms to get the app to work correctly. Agreeing to terms sometimes requires the guest to go to a web page and then the agree button will show up in their browser.

Digital Stats – Month to Date

Digital usage 25.40% of transactions


June 7th – NABIT Webcast 130-230 or 330-430 (Register Here)

June 8th – Happy 17th McD Anniversary Jolynn Woolner!

June 9th – Happy Birthday Oscar Hernandez!

June 11th – Release Payroll Wisconsin Only

June 12th – Illinois Payday!

June 12th – Madison Patch RMHC Dinner

June 13th – Iron Arch Energy Box Webcast 2-230

Promotions & Marketing Updates – ALL Restaurants

June 12th – Last Day 2 for $6 Deal

June 12th – Start Grimace Birthday Meal

**Please see attached documents for the Co-Op specific promotions**

MOCNI - #13650, #25899 & Huntley Patch

IL/IA - #32257

GWOS - All Others

Action Items This Week:

June 13th – Towel Bucket Station Guide (email

Iron Arch In-Person Leadership Transitions

We need learners for the next in-person LT class on July 19th 9a-6p and July 20th 9a-5p. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to achieve more in an in-person learning environment. Email to register a learner.

Towel Bucket Station Guide

Does your restaurant have a half-sized towel bucket station guide? If not, or yours is in poor condition, please email by June 13th and ask for a new one.

Best Burger

Congratulations, all 33 restaurants are now on Best Burger. Continue working with your teams on prep, produce, eProduction, accuracy, and quality. Remember, if it says only ketchup and only mustard a plain patty must be placed on the sandwich.

Squadle Checklists

If you are seeing items like restrooms (gas station restaurants only) and play places on your squadle tablets for cleaning, travel paths etc… please contact squadle to have them remove it from your lists. This should help our team save time and build efficiency.

Outside Digital Menu Boards

We have been seeing a couple Outdoor Digital Menu Boards that have been starting to discolor because of the sun. Please take the time to check on your own Outdoor Digital Menu Boards and submit a ticket to Tech if you see your DMBs are starting to discolor.

Product Outage Audit

Please do a POS audit to ensure that your registers only have current products. Email tech with your list of items to remove. Take some time to look at LTO items (i.e., Shortcake McFlurry, all Shamrock)

Save the Date

Please save the date for the next combined GWOS/ILIA General Manager webcast. The webcast is June 20th at 2pm. Details will be provided when we can.

Voice Results

Please see the attached May 17th – 31st voice results. The Huntley Patch turned it on, and team members received a total of $288. Rockford finished at $215. A total of $1,012 was given and over $3,000 was still on the table.

Staffing Levels 6.5.2023

Please see the attached staffing levels for June 5th. If you have any questions, ask your supervisor.

GWOS Promotions
Download DOCX • 20KB
MOCNI Promotions
Download DOCX • 25KB
ILIA Promotions
Download DOCX • 22KB
Voice 6.5.23
Download XLSX • 20KB
2023 Staffing Level Belvidere Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 120KB
2023 Staffing Level Rockford Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 123KB
2023 Staffing Level Monroe Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 117KB
2023 Staffing Level Madison Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Beloit Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 121KB
2023 Staffing Level Huntley Patch 06.05.23
Download PDF • 123KB
En Espanol The Loop 6.6.23
Download DOCX • 1.44MB

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